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Bogenschießen Vorstand

Swakopmund Archery Club was founded in 2014 as a social archery club. 

We decided to become an active archery club in Namibia, and in 2016 we registered with AAN (Archery Association of Namibia). This enabled us to host and have our archers partake in national archery championships and events.

Archery consists of two divisions; target archery and field archery.

Target archery takes place on a flat surface at fixed distances and at fixed target heights. The bows used for this category are compound or recurve type bows.

(The recurve type bows are mainly seen in the Olympic events and shot at a distance of 70mtr on a target 122cm wide. SAC currently has Quinne Reddig - a youth Olympic medalist - as a member.)


Field archery takes place in a more bush-like setting, with uneven surfaces and various target heights and distances. Most of the field archery stages might simulate a bow hunting experience.

Bows in field archery have a lot more classes but primarily consist of the same basic design, namely compound or recurve / traditional type bows.
(Namibia is very proud to have the first double-world champion in Field archery - Jannie Meuwesen from Luderitz.)


Para archery has existed for a while and is currently being developed in Namibia primarily at a school level.

Para archery also uses the two main bow types and have many additional classifying structures around it depending on the specific disabilities. 


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