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The SFC Fistball Section is the home of Fistball at the coast. Currently, two senior teams, two U16 teams and one U13 team regularly participate in the national competitions organised by the Fistball Association of Namibia.

Fistball is a return game in which two teams face each other on two half-fields, similar to Volleyball. They are separated by a centre line and a net-like ribbon that is stretched between two posts. The net height of 2m applies. Tape and post are not allowed to be touched by a player or the ball.

Each team consists of five players. The goal is to fend off the attacks of the opponent and to play the ball back into the other half field, inaccessible to the opponent. In contrast to Volleyball, in Fistball the ball can only be played with one arm, also in the defence. In addition, the ball may bounce once on the ground per player, as in tennis. Each team is allowed to touch the ball 3 times, whereby no player is allowed to touch the ball twice.

Practice times:

Youth Fistball (between 10 and 16 years)

Mondays - 17h30 to 19h00

Senior Fistball

Mondays and Thursdays – 18h15 to 20h15


Youth Fistball

Marc Egner 081 129 9266 (Coach)

Senior Fistball

Christian Knobloch 081 205 3818 (Coach)

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